Seeds are 8-digit codes or combinations that can determine the structure, items, or effects of a run.

Please note that, due to the fact that these are specifically entered by the player, the developers must have realized that they can be used to cheat, and so these "seeded runs" will not be counted towards your win streak or unlocks!

How to insert seeds Edit

Seeds can be entered by selecting "New Run" from the main menu, then pressing TAB on the keyboard. The player can then enter 8 letters or numbers, or a combination of the two. However, some seed combinations will not be accepted for some reason, so you will have to experiment to find which one's work!

Special Seeds Edit

These are seeds that significantly change the run, often adding a specific challenge or circumstance. Here are a list of just a few:

Seed Edit

Effect Edit



Repeats the Basement Floors infinitely, forever, until the player dies or quits, allowing the player to carry on collecting items and power, to become as strong as possible! Edit



Replaces every single enemy with a champion version. Edit

PAC1 Edit

F1SM Edit

All enemies cannot take damage, the player must just stay alive until the doors open! Against Bosses, the player must wait until the boss' health bar trickles away, making this possibly the hardest possible run in the game, especially using The Lost, who cannot take any hits without dying! Edit